Read 1 John 4:7-13

from Andrew Wade, Logan First Christian Church

God’s divine nature is best expressed in love – God’s love for us. That love was demonstrated in Jesus Christ, God’s one and only Son and our atoning Sacrifice. While we say that God loves us, we are hesitant to truly accept God’s forgiveness for ourselves. It is easy to believe the lie that we don’t measure up to standards, or that we are unworthy. Doing so keeps God’s love at a distance.   In denying that God loves us, we limit our sense of obligation to love others. It is when we embrace the fullness of God’s love for us that we grow in our relationship with God, which, in turn, feeds our desire to love others. God is spirit, unseen. This love for one another is the visible evidence of God, the testimony that God lives in us. We become partakers of the divine nature when we practice love. We reflect his nature through our love. This Lenten season, as we examine more closely our relationship with God, may we allow ourselves to fully embrace God’s love for us. In doing so we will be prompted to love others as God has loved us. We will participate in God’s divine nature.

Gracious God, may we embrace and be embraced by your love. Only then can we grow in our love for one another.