Read 1 John 3:14-22

from Zach Estep, Co-Pastor, St. Albans First Christian Church

No matter what we want to attribute it to, we all have periods in life when we question our salvation. When someone questions us about our faith, when we let our flesh have its way and we make a stupid decision, it is natural to have doubts and wonder if Christ has truly entered our hearts and made us new creatures as the scriptures say.

It is for these moments in life that we need this word from 1st John. The Good News that we read here is that our salvation is not based on our ability to have perfect behavior all the time, but that transformation does become evident in how we feel towards those who are in need. For we know that Christ abides in our hearts because we have compassion for those who are cold or hungry, and because we do something to help them if we can. We can know that our sins have been washed away and our names are written in the Lambs Book of Life because of the change that begins deep on the inside in the heart. This change is shown in how we become less about ourselves and learn to love more.

Help us, Lord, to let your presence in us be made known –

known to others, and known to ourselves –

through our loving compassion and acts of mercy