Read 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

from Darrell Pierce, Clarksburg, West Virginia

This is one of the most encouraging and comforting passages in the Bible.  In times of stress, it assures us that we are not facing an impossible situation, but one which many have faced throughout history.  God prepared a way out for them and will prepare a way out for us.  It promises that God will provide light in the darkest situation.

But this text gives no approval for careless living.  Verse 12 reminds us that some carelessly feel that they are safe when they are not. The Israelites in the wilderness were examples of this carelessness.  God’s care was shown by the manna and the water from the rock, but many ignored God’s instructions and lived careless, disobedient lives and many died as a result of their carelessness.

In Christ, God offers a covenant to all people.  In a covenant, the superior power grants gifts, rights, and privileges, but the lesser power is expected to meet certain conditions.  God’s promises have conditions for us to meet.

In this chapter, Paul states that God will always give us a way out of any danger, but that God requires that we live a life of worship and obedience.  Lent is a time to make sure that our worship and obedience are up to God’s standards.

Our Father, we glory in your promises of care and blessings.  

May we never take you for granted and forget to humble ourselves before you and to serve you with all our hearts.  

In this Lenten season, may we renew our confidence in you,

as well as our desire to serve you.