Read Psalm 63:1-9

from Valerie Parsons, Co-Pastor, Wheeling Island Christian Church

The older I grow, the more it seems that life is a Psalm, each day a new one, like today’s scripture written by King David. In a class I took at Buffalo Seminary last fall I made the comment that I loved all the Psalms and wasn’t sure I could pick a favorite with which to work. Several of the others attending were quick to say “There are some terrible Psalms!” I had to agree. There are, but I was too embarrassed to say that that’s what I love about them! I love them all because I see myself and my life reflected in them.

Some days are wonderful and so full of grace and light that praise comes easily for me. Other days are dark, and I feel terribly alone and lost. On still other days, my thoughts and feelings can be as vicious as anything found in the Psalms. That gives me hope, because even in the very worst of them, the psalmist still manages to somehow turn it all to praise. I hope that as I live out my days– the good, the bad, and the downright ugly—I can somehow manage to live it all as praise, too.

God of Hope, as we journey through Lent

help us to live all of our days for your honor glory.