Read Isaiah 55:1-5

from Patrick Felton, Co-Pastor, St. Albans First Christian Church

On a winter morning I was cold.

My pipes were frozen and I had nothing to drink.

And the Lord says “Come all who are thirsty. Come to the waters.”

I was a month away from payday, wondering where my next meal would come from ashamed and humiliated by my poverty.

And the Lord says “Come and buy wine and milk without money or cost”

In the midst of it all, The Lord provided.. I never lacked for food. I spent many nights in places of great food, restaurants, diners, huts of pizza. Yet the hunger remained.

Still when I sit at his table and eat the bread made from wheat I did not grow, when I sit in the temple I did not build, when I drink the wine of grapes I did not harvest, I think of those of nations I know not, who are hungry, thirsty, poor, imprisoned, dying who are faithful yet found their seat at the table. The Lord shall provide to them too. For the day will come that I will come not to the table simply to be fed, but to feed as well.

For he has endowed me with his splendor.

Lord, spark my ear and I will come to you.

Give me the focus to hear that my soul might live.

You are the feast that I hunger for.

Help me feed the masses.