Read 1 John 3:1-3

from David Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister

I’m told by my mother that, when I was about five years old, she ran into a friend who told her that she had passed me walking in our neighborhood, and knowing fully who I was, asked me for my name. The answer I gave her, I am told, was “I am Tom Chafin’s son.” Apparently, that was just delightful to both of the ladies.

But how often do we identify ourselves as sons and daughters of God? Many of us have been told this all of our lives, but how often, when asked, would we reply that our identity is fully vested in God?

It is said that every morning the reformer Martin Luther would touch his brow and remind himself, “Martin, you are baptized.” Do it now – claim your identity. Touch your brow, marked by the waters of baptism. Truly, we have our identity, just like Christ our brother, as a child of God.

Remind us today, O Lord, of who we are,

and of Whose we are in Christ Jesus.