Read Luke 13:31-35

from Larry Grimes, Dean of Buffalo Seminary & Director of Church Relations at Bethany College

Intentionally, necessarily, Jesus takes the Jerusalem Road. Isaiah knew it well—high places made low, low places raised up—a straight shot right through to Golgotha. Jerusalem Road, the road God’s promise traveled from through Canaan, up to the high, past Isaac, the altar and the ram, beside Jacob’s ladder, down into Egypt land, across the dry bed of the Red Sea, to lofty peak of Sinai—again to Canaan land; to Babylon and back to the Temple in ruins. Jerusalem Road oiled by prophets’ blood. Good-guy Pharisees warned him off it. And on he went—intentionally, necessarily. Behind him a gathering of those who hunger for the kingdom’s feast, from north, south, east, and west. And the road runs through the hardened heart of Jerusalem’s unwilling ones. O Jerusalem! O Jerusalem! Would that you had all been among the willing, would that you all had gathered under saving wings. On they come down the road, following the promise, melting the hardened heart as they go, moving steadily with him toward Golgotha, and beyond—to that time when the feast is spread out— a shout roars down the new Jerusalem Road: “Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Lead us on, Lord, to the feast!