Read Psalm 27

from David Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister

No matter what our physical condition – and I often am reminded that being thin isn’t necessarily a great sign of vigorous health – as a culture we seem to have a “wait problem.” It’s easier said than done to find joy while living in a holding pattern. We easily become fearful when we don’t have the answers, as though God were holding back from us. We not only become impatient, but often grow weary or even desert the cause.

But surely God, our light and our salvation, can give us courage that will free us from this fear of unknowing. I often have to remind myself of God’s faithfulness by taking a look at all the other good things that God has given, recounting the blessings of days past, in order to lift my eyes enough to the One who will surely lead me from this time of unknowing toward the brightness of God’s very best. So I preach myself this sermon once again, and remind myself to tend to my own “wait problem.” I’ll share it with you: Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage.

Give us courage to wait for you, O Lord,

and to find our failing strength renewed in you.