Read Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

from Doug McDaniel, Bluefield First Christian Church

Do you remember the song Father Abraham? (Father Abraham had many sons – many sons had Father Abraham – I am one of them and so are you – so let’s all praise the Lord.) If you remember at the end of each verse the song writer gave a command to motion “right arm – left arm” and by the songs end we were moving our arms, feet, chins, turning around and finally sitting down. Jess and I have sung this at least 7,000 times with our four children.

The text tells us that Abraham (Abram) was without child. He so desired to have an heir, but he and wife Sarah (Sarai), well, they were just too old to have a child, and it looked as if time was running out. But God had made a promise!

What are we worried about? We know good and well that the Bible is packed with countless God promises, and He has delivered on every single one of them. Father Abraham had many sons, and I am one of them, and so are you! So let’s just praise the Lord!

Father, find us praising you for you are faithful, and

find us praising you in anticipation of what you have promised.