Read Romans 10:8b-13

from Jayne Chafin, Ravenswood First Christian Church

“The word is near you, in your mouth and in heart.” A strange saying, I think. But then I think of the times that my mouth has spoken without my heart. Words said in anger or frustration, words that come out leaving my heart empty and aching, words that shatter the person they’re directed at, breaking their spirit, damaging their soul.

And then there are the times when my mouth can’t speak. When there are no words, as they say. The birth of a grandchild, the death of a loved one, the “I love you” spoken in a whisper, the words that are so full of emotion and you want to convey it simply and eloquently because your heart is aching to shout it out.

The two, heart and mouth, seem to be entwined somehow, and we’d be wise to remember that. It’s the same with the life of faith. Sometimes we get caught up in the words. Sometimes we’re caught up in the right and wrong, our own agendas, and lose sight of what truly matters. But when our hearts believe, the very joy of faith that is a part of our entire being, must bubble to the surface, and we must sing, and shout, and pray, and laugh, and cry at all its wonder, and share it all. That is the life of faith. That is our call. That is who we are, because we have called on the name of the Lord and we are his! Heart and mouth, body and soul! Thanks be to God.

O God, help us to keep our hearts and mouths in tune as we proclaim that the joy of this life of faith

is good, and true, and everlasting.