Read Psalm 91

from Earl Shaw, Associate Regional Minister of the Word

Psalm 90 reminds us of the eternalness of God and the frailty of mankind. Psalm 91, however, comes across with the booming voice of the Psalmist reminding us of the safety of the temple where he abides in God’s presence. God alone is his refuge and fortress. The Psalmist begins a story about a little chick finding safe refuge under the wing of its mother, prevailing in battles, and the ultimate defeat of Satan. It is a healing prayer featuring four powerful Hebrew names for God: Most High, Almighty, Lord, and God. When we pray Psalm 91 with Jesus, we step into another reality: the Kingdom of the Heaven is in our midst today! Here and now is that tender and powerful care of the Lord that is all that we need.

In one home where we lived in for a few years, we were treated to an annual spring ritual. A couple of small birds built a new nest inside the same awning opposite the kitchen sink every year, without fail, well protected from the weather. From 3 feet away we waited and observed the process from beginning to end. The tiny birds were safe under the awning and we delighted in watching them as the babies hatched from their shells. We were greeted each morning by the hungry cries and squawks of the babies begging for food. The parents didn’t disappoint. They were there faithful to the fledglings and nurtured them well throughout their time in their “safe” nest. If only we had the faith and confidence to look at this and other miracles of life and realize that the Palmist in Psalm 91 is reassuring us that the same care given these tiny birds is there for each of us as well.

Find a few minutes of quiet time during which you can set your busy life aside and open your heart in God’s presence. Be the chick under His wings as you pray.

Breathe in – “O Lord, you are my protector”

Breathe out: “O God, You are my shelter”

Breathe in: “Most High, I will forever be in your shadow”

Breathe out, “Master, I am yours. I am safe beneath your wings.”

You are my refuge and my fortress; in you I trust. Under your wings I find refuge. Your faithfulness is my shield of protection.