Read Matthew 6:16-21

from Phil Auten, Associate Regional Minister of Visitation

Many times we put on sad faces and let everyone know that we are fasting, praying, and doing without. We hope that we will look good in the eyes of people. We need to lift our eyes to God our Father, who will reward His faithful servant.

Jesus says not to worry about our earthly treasures. We need to live our lives in a way that enables us to gain our treasures in heaven. Many times we spend all our time and energy worrying about being able to get more material treasure here on earth. Jesus tells us to give away all our treasure to the poor. When we do this, we will experience the grace of God more fully in our lives. As we move through another Lent, may we continue to grow in our faith, always seeking ways to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Dear God, help us avoid the temptations of life.

Guide us as we seek a closer relationship with You.