Read John 1:1-18

from Rev. Dr. William B. Allen, Regional Minister Emeritus

Christmas is the sign to us of how much God loves us and how much God wants to be in a vital relationship with us. When we wander, drift or run away from God, God gently – or dramatically – calls us back.

Christmas is one of those dramatic instances where God calls us back. The prologue to John’s gospel takes the Christmas event from being something that happened long ago and far away, with stables and shepherds and kings, and makes it very close at hand. The Word of God, Jesus Christ, bursts on our world with life and light.

The problem arises when we fail to recognize or accept this Word who dwells among us. Then all that life and light and glory become obscure to us. Like when we walk into a crowded room and don’t recognize even dear friends, until we’ve been there a few minutes. Let’s look around and behold the glory God is presenting us in Christ.

This Word of God, Jesus Christ, brightens the darkness of the world we live in – with all its illness, war, sorrow, anger – and brings life, makes us children of God, and imparts to us “grace upon grace.” What a gift! Happy Christmas.

Loving God, awaken us to your Word who lives among us, enlightens our world and gives us grace upon grace.