Read Luke 2:1-20

from Rev. Thaddaeus B. Allen, Regional Minister

This day is a most holy of days. This night is a most special of nights. This season of Advent is about to climax with an announcement, a birth, and a song for all of creation to hear. This day God and the Church invite us into a renewed participation with the Incarnation. God is with us, and lives with us, and forms us ever anew.

In this rich scripture offering we find many names and places lifted up. People are registering and being accounted for in this lesson. Perhaps today we can consider the reality that our names and our places too are registered in the Christmas reality of God’s grace-filled occupation of God’s world and God’s people. We are accounted for!

This night we will connect with believers in worship and life from far and wide. Let us welcome each and every one as if they were the Child born in Bethlehem and lovingly placed in a manger by his mother. Today we must note that all people count, so we register all we meet this day in our hearts, and we join with the hosts of heaven in praising God.

God is with us, and lives with us, and forms us ever anew. On this day we find peace, as we live in the very real presence and peace that comes from the one sent for us, Jesus. Tonight we remember that what we find and receive must always be found and received together with all those who have been, are now, and ever will be.

Spirit of the Living God, Fall Afresh on Us.