Read Ephesians 2:11-22

from Pastor Lanette Rodgers, Big Run Christian Church, Cameron

We all have that one person or persons in our lives that we would rather give a lump of coal to than a beautifully wrapped package. There are some people in our lives that have wronged us so badly that we’d rather not waste our grace, our love, or our forgiveness on. This was also true of the church at Ephesus to whom Paul wrote this letter. The Jews and the Gentiles just couldn’t seem to get along and put aside their differences. Paul writes in these verses that because Christ came for all (and yes, he did mean ALL) that these issues and this division between them no longer exists. However, he also takes it one step further and says that because you have received peace, grace, and forgiveness through Christ, you can now freely give these gifts to others, especially those whom you may disagree with and may be difficult to love.   The Christ child comes in just a few days. He comes despite the evil of the world, despite the sins we have committed, and despite the fact that we do not deserve these gifts of grace and forgiveness he brings. And still he comes offering us peace, grace, mercy, and most importantly love so that we may take these precious gifts and offer them to all the world.

God, grant me a tender, forgiving heart,  so that all may know your love this season.