Read Isaiah 42:14-21

from Co-Pastor Mark Mayer, Island Christian Church, Wheeling

There are many medical reasons for blindness and/or deafness. But what we are talking about here is not the kind of condition that is brought on by sickness or physical affliction. What we are talking about is “selective hearing.” We only see or hear what we want to see or hear. My wife says she thinks I “suffer” from “selective deafness.” I only listen to her when I want to listen. I think a lot of husbands are “diagnosed” with that condition.

The Israelites continually ignored how God had blessed them and only looked at what He didn’t give them. Instead of looking at all of their past blessings and God’s promises to provide for them, they only saw what they didn’t have. They only heard the complaints of their bodies and those around them. They were totally blind! Many of us are the same as those Israelites from long ago. Always wanting what we do not have…wishing for something else…something more…not thankful for the many blessings already in our possession.

During this season of Advent we need to not be blind or deaf to all of the blessings that God has given us, especially the gift of His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Of all of your gifts to us, O God, may we be most receptive and thankful for the gift of new life in Christ Jesus your Son.