Read Luke 1:46-55

from Rev. David Chafin, Deputy Regional Minister

Magnificat anima mea Dominum! I can still sing it in my sleep – the first Latin anthem I ever learned, way back in junior high days – full of mystery and joy! The music was tricky for young voices, and learning the rules of the language, simple though they are, took some effort.

But behind the music and the sacred text, blossoming in the womb of Christ’s mother, is the stirring Spirit of God bringing outbursts of praise that – though apparently spoken by Mary – have ever since needed to be sung. Here is the Word made flesh to live like me, to grow and learn and struggle like me in a world of complicated rhythms, complex harmonies, tough realities. That’s a song in itself!

I rejoice with Mary, and with all who have reason to wonder at the outpouring of God into their lives, even amidst the complications of such a rough beginning as that of Jesus, even amidst the complications of such an “easy” one as mine. Love is coming into our midst, and nothing but love can bring hope to such hopeless-looking days as those we each must face. In the midst of a death-dealing culture, we are in life, and my soul magnifies the Lord! God is still showing mercy, scattering the proud, lifting up the lowly, filling the hungry with good things, and in this I must rejoice. Sing with me – sing with the Blessed Mother: Holy is God’s name!

I praise you from the depths of my soul, O God, for in your mercy you have found me, and you have planted within me the seed of salvation and life. I rejoice in your eternal love this day,  and look forward to the next!