Read Micah 5:2-5a

from Rev. Donald Snyder, First Christian Church, Beckley

Expectation is the watchword for the prophetic ministries of Micah, and his contemporary Isaiah. The northern kingdom of Israel has succumbed to her enemies, and those same foes are at the brink of overwhelming the southern kingdom of Judah. A word of hope is given for God’s people, though. First, the very names Bethlehem Ephrathah (house of bread and fruitfulness) conjure a vision different from the present spectacle. Second, even though Jerusalem and her king have sunk low in the eyes of the world, they are reassured that God can restore and grant new greatness. Finally, the future, ideal king of the Davidic covenant cannot fail those who hope for his appearance. How was all of this fulfilled? In a cattle stall, some seven centuries in the future, a baby will give His first cries of life. Angels will sing His arrival, shepherds will come and see what has been made known to them, and magi will arrive to worship the King of the Jews. The world, including God’s people, will quake with fear. Nevertheless, the Prince of Peace brings security, hope, and encouragement for those who dare to believe in Him.

We wait with great expectation, O God, for the coming of your Son into our world, our hearts.