Read Galatians 3:23—4:7

from Rev. Jamie Gump, Madison Avenue Christian Church, Huntington

What a joy! We have been adopted! Time for a party.   Wait… You didn’t know that you’ve been adopted or were even in a place to be adopted? Well, it’s true. Through Christ and through faith, you have become a child of God. A rightful member of God’s family. Even better, this family of God has no division or hierarchy among the children. We are all equal. None are better than others. No one is lesser. No slave or free separations. No male or female divisions. No “she doesn’t believe the same as I do” exclusions. No “he isn’t as faithful as I am” rejections. No “cradle-roll” favoritisms. All belonging to Christ through faith are the same. Equal and full heirs to God’s love. Equal and full heirs to God’s grace.   Equal in all ways in God’s eyes. What a joy! So now are you ready to party?

Lord, help us to accept each other as you have accepted us.  Help us to learn more about being in relationship with you by listening to, and learning from the God-relationship stories of all our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Christmas Offering for Regional Ministry
As Advent brings new hope and anticipation to the life of our communities and homes, the annual opportunity for support of regional ministries lies before us.  As you prayerfully consider how to respond to this important appeal in your congregation, you are encouraged to think of the many lives touched through our ministries here.  How many youth have life-building and life-changing experiences at camps and retreats? How many congregations are strengthened by the care we receive in the ministerial search process and other consultations with regional ministers? How many ways do we now have to help grow leaders, both lay and clergy, for more effective ministry?
Your support of Christ’s work here in the West Virginia Region will be gratefully received and carefully used to strengthen all of our life together.  We give thanks for you in this season of newborn faith and deeper hope!

      You can give online, and your congregation will receive credit for your gift in mission giving reporting for the annual Yearbook and Directory.  Just visit our secure site.