Read Psalm 96

from Zachary Estep, First Christian Church, St. Albans

Sing to Him, give Him praise, glory and honor! We all have heard these things and we all have said these things but do we understand what were saying?

We are talking about praising and honoring the creator of the universe, the creator of our souls, the Savior of our souls. He is the Almighty God. He is truly the only one who is worthy of any praise and honor and exaltation, and He is worthy of ALL praise and honor and exaltation. His greatness and power exceeds all comprehension, His wisdom is infinite and His love can only be understood by our feeble minds through what took place at Calvary.

Let us recognize who it is that we worship, let us reflect on His nature and His power when we sing at church, when we wake up and begin our mundane routine on Monday. Let us also remember that He wrapped Himself in flesh and showed us what the image He created us after looks like, a selfless servant who invites all to the table of grace. Oh how He is perfect and mighty in every way! (188)

Lord God, help us offer up the praise to You that You deserve, praise that extends beyond a half-hearted song on Sunday. Let us honor and praise you with our lives by recognizing who You are and what You’ve done for us.