Read Psalm 85:8-13

from Rev. Dr. Larry Grimes, Directory of Church Relations and Dean of Buffalo Seminary, Bethany College


It is good to get dirt under the nails

to mince dark loam between one’s fingers

to work the earth with sweating brow.

Who knows what may spring up from the ground?

Keep hoeing, I say. Don’t forget the faithfulness.

Be sure to water well during a dry spell.

Sit a while in the garden among the lavender.

chew a mint leaf between your teeth.


Savor the peace that is spoken there.

Hold a lump of dirt in your hand.

Mold it as you were molded.

Breathe on it as you were breathed.


The Word too became a clod of earth

Spirit breathed into it. Mouth to mouth.

A kiss of righteousness and peace.

A borning time through angel word and angel song.


Down from heaven, upon the wintery ground:

The words. The song. To the lowly. To be pondered.

“Do not be afraid!” “Peace on earth.”