Read Luke 3:1-6

from Rev. Jacque Parlato, Central Christian Church, Huntington

In the Gospel reading for today, we are encouraged and challenged to look at our lives and the world around us in a new way. Too often we are overwhelmed by the obstacles that prevent us from getting a glimpse of what the Good News promises. As we begin to prepare the way of the Lord this Advent, let us devote time for self-reflection, for discernment in how we will prepare for the season, and let us devote time in prayer as we wait.   Let us begin our journey with a willingness to see that while the path toward salvation may be long and winding, or steep and rough, we are called not to stop or turn around, but to move forward and to help clear the way for the coming of Jesus and for the promise of salvation for every one of God’s beloved children.

Keep our hearts fixed on you, O God, and your promise of salvation.