Read Philippians 3:1-11

from Pastor Doug McDaniel, First Christian Church, Bluefield

A business associate of mine had a blood clot burst in his eye a few years ago. I remember him telling me how it had really brought additional struggle to the game of golf that he loved. He said that when he focused on the ball, he in fact saw three golf balls. My always energetic and optimistic 75 year old friend exclaimed, “I just try to hit the one in the middle!” The thing that stood out to me was that he realized that to continue to play golf, he’d have to learn to look at the ball differently.

Paul tells his friends at Philippi that what he once valued so greatly was now nothing more than rubbish in consideration to his spiritual gain found in Jesus Christ.

As we prepare to celebrate another Advent Season and look forward in anticipation to the second Advent, maybe we too, should consider looking at this life through a “spiritual mind’s eye” and less through our “physical mind’s eye”.

Join me and let us focus on the surpassing greatness found in Christ and Him alone. All these other things, well that’s just it, they are things, and they will fade away.

Open my eyes, O God. Turn me toward you.