Read Isaiah 11:1-9

from Pastor Chris Stansell, First Christian Church, Princeton

It is not difficult for us to see that this is a clear prediction of the Lord Jesus. Here in these verses is a hint that the Messiah will appear in a very obscure way. That is suggested by this word, “A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse.” Like a great tree that has been cut down, the ancestry of Jesus represented in David and his father Jesse has been reduced to obscurity and insignificance. But out of that lowly stump will arise a shoot, a man as the prophet goes on to say, who will be filled with the Spirit of God and do a great work in the land. When our Lord is referred to as “the son of David” in the gospels, it is always in terms of royal glory, but when he is called the “stump of Jesse,” it is a reference to his humble beginnings. His humility will touch our hearts and his royal glory will save us. Make it so Lord Jesus!

Gracious Father, I thank you for these amazing words from this ancient book. How accurately they picture One who has come to mean more than all else to me. Help my heart to receive and to allow him to work in and through me.