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First Sunday of Advent: Nov. 29                 Read Luke 21:25-36

from Rev. Dr. W. Darwin Collins, Christian Church Foundation

El Nino, Wooly Worms and Tree Leaves

            As winter approaches we begin the season of prognostication for the weather. What color are the wooly worms, will the El Nino portend a mild or colder winter, and do leaves clinging to the trees predict colder weather? Human nature just longs to know something of the future and our destiny.

The Holy season of Advent brings its own longing for God’s promised salvation, to experience anew the affirmation that life’s uncertainties will end well. We long for the signs…stars, Wise Men, manger, Mary and Joseph…the Baby Jesus.

Jesus chose some more radical signals of God’s redemptive future, namely global distress and violence, natural disasters, fear and foreboding…and the Son of Man’s return. And just like our obsession with the predictors of winter, the faithful through generations have been reading into these signs an expectancy that Jesus was coming in their time.

I have a slightly different perspective…these signs are always before us…for we are already redeemed in Christ, we are already loved unconditionally by God. And we shouldn’t be waiting for some sign to live in that redemption and to show God’s love to the world. For Christ is come! Today! So, child of God, live like it!

Come Lord Jesus, come…into our hearts and out through our service this day.


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