From  Rev. Richard Howard, Morgantown First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

  Read Mark 13:24-37

            Our passage today reminds us of the original reason for the observance of the season of Advent: preparing for the second coming of Christ.  When we pray “thy kingdom come” in the Lord’s Prayer, we need to understand for what we are praying.  According to the Book of the prophet Amos (5:18-20), the “Day of the Lord” will be “darkness, not light, and gloom with no brightness in it…” 

Mark 13 has been traditionally known as the “Little Apocalypse” of the New Testament, with the Book of Revelation being the “big” apocalypse.  It is known by this name for good reason!  It cautions us to be watchful and to prepare carefully and thoughtfully for the Second Coming.  Doing what we are called to do by Matthew 25 would be a good start!

After reading and reflecting on Mark 13:24-37, can we still treat the season of Advent as merely a “prequel” to Christmas?  The Good News in all this “doom and gloom” is that the Very Light of God brings eternal light into the darkness that life can often be.  The promise of eternal life in God will be kept because of Emmanuel: “God With Us.”

Our hope is in you, Eternal One, in a world dying for the salvation that only you can give.  Awaken us to how your will may be done by us on earth, as in heaven.

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